We are a different kind of investment bank.
The GCA Difference



Our mission is to empower companies and investors who are creating a more
efficient and sustainable global infrastructure.
We are purpose-built to ensure that our clients achieve success.


    1. We have deeply experienced senior bankers who are sector experts and understand your industry and your needs.
    2. We reach a vast global network of buyers, growth companies, asset owners and investors, and thereby provide you with more ways to succeed through a deeper relationship network.
    3. We have directly relevant transaction experience which enables us to find creative structures and solutions to close your transaction.


We are an expert team of 35 professionals working seamlessly on our clients' behalf in New York, Zurich and San Francisco and through strategic partnerships in Japan and China. Our team of experienced bankers provides conflict-free advice and thoughtful, innovative solutions, and we do so with an intensely focused effort that does not stop until you achieve success.



Our Global Presence


With offices in New York, San Francisco, and Z├╝rich, and partnerships with leading financial institutions in
China and Japan, we have the global reach to find the right partner for each of our clients.



Sectors of Focus